Ethics and The Social Web

Most of my time at the moment is being spent on a book on Ethics and The Social Web for the SpringerBriefs in Ethics series (see About). Yesterday I rediscovered a very early interview on my thoughts on ethics and video games: ABC Good Game.

The first substantive chapter (which is chapter two on Virtual Worlds) covers similar ethical ground, but with a focus on massively multiplayer online role-playing games. Specifically, the Guiding Hand scam in EVE Online:

In 2005, the mercenary group The Guiding Hand Social Club executed a scam within EVE Online against a rival group, The Ubiqua Seraph (UQS) Corporation. The scam began as contract to assassinate the character Mirial, the Chief Executive Officer of UQS Corporation, by an unnamed third-party, but also resulting in the theft of all of the assets of the UQS Corporation. The in-game profits to The Guiding Hand Social Club was over 30 billion InterStellar Kredits (the currency in EVE Online), while the real world losses suffered by UQS Cooperation wast well over $US16,000. (Draft text from the book).


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