Plato on Second Life

Platon Cave Sanraedam 1604 “Platon Cave Sanraedam 1604” by Jan Saenredam – British

Previously, I have posted on Aristotle on Facebook and Socrates on Blogging.

Clearly, I missed Plato. So, what social web platform aligns with Plato’s work? The Allegory of the Cave instantly suggests Second Life.

Philippos Pouyioutas (2012, p. 140) has pursued this, but also casts the net wider:

an interpretation of Plato’s allegory with regards to the Information Society and the Digital Era we live with reference to the consensus reality of the majority of the people. This interpretation suggests that we are prisoners of ignorance and of passive assimilation of knowledge due to limited access to information.


“Platon Cave Sanraedam 1604” by Jan Saenredam – British

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